Real Deal Poker the complete package for Fair and honest online poker

Real Deal kind of online poker is just around the corner.

Real Deal Poker. Just the sound the three words make as I speak them puts a smile on my face.  Did you ever want something so much you could taste it?  That’s how I am feeling these days about the topic of “RealDealPoker,” brainchild of inventor and now friend, Gene Gioia.   I want to see this system go live! Visit and catch the latest news on this exciting new online poker product and be ready to try it for yourself on day one.

For over 8 years, I searched the net and wrote about my wanting a better way for online poker to come to our computer screens..  A part of this time, (The past three) I spent countless hours talking to Mr. Gene Gioia about how a fair and honest “RealDeal” online poker game has been a dream of his for over five years.  It’s no mystery as to why we clicked when it came to online poker or poker in general. We both loved poker more than the average bears.  We both wanted a new deck (no.. scratch that, a real deck) online.

Real Deal Poker,  over five years in the making.

Five years for Mr. Gioia. Three years for me.  We spent countless hours on Skype thinking and talking nothing else than poker and more poker. A “Fair and Honest Transparent Online Poker with layers of security” was always the goal, a game that the owner could and would prove was on the up and up. We spent hours  on end into many a night and early mornings  talking about bringing all internet poker players his unique product: A game that where the results could be evaluated after the game by an independent party.  That puts the burden on the operator, not the player.  Real Deal online poker.

Over the years,  Mr Gioia had problems arise here and there with the making of RealDealPoker. For the past three, I was lucky enough to be there, listening about every hic-up along the way. Like the Marines, no matter how hard things  got, Gene never once gave up. His goal of a fair and honest online poker game was going to happen!  Sure, he had various successes and failures as he designed, re-designed and built his RealDeal inventions, any inventor taking on such a task is bound for this to happen. Right?  A few things stick in my mind about Mr. Gioia over this long process and I want to put them on paper.

  • Mr. Gioia and I (And many others around the world I’m sure) Love a “pure and honest” game of poker. Honest poker is the only poker Gene would always say to me.. I heard him say it at least one thousand times. Anything else is NOT POKER.
  • Integrity.  Mr. Gioia has it.  If he says something, you can trust that it’s going to happen and it’s going to be fair for all concerned.  In many cases, the only one getting the dirty end of the stick is Gene.
  • He has a genuine love for poker and poker players.
  • His handshake or word will do.  No signature required.

I often wonder how many poker players will understand or even care about the hours of sweat and tears that Gene and his team put into the building of Real Deal Poker.  I also wonder why more guys and gals (Poker Players) did not care more about the topic of a proven FAIR AND HONEST ONLINER POKER GAME?  It is the single largest poker subject that is discussed online today.  But soon people will have a choice and we can find out how the game plays with a real complete deck of cards when not every card is in play every game.

I started out eight years ago looking for an online poker site that was fair and honest and built on a foundation of Integrity and I found just that.  (I actually got to watch it being built)  I also found/added a great new friend in my poker world, Gene Gioia.  While I’ll always keep my eyes on things (Security) with Real Deal Poker and all online sites for that matter, It’s just who I am when it comes to online poker.  I doubt I’ll have to do so with Gene Gioia at the helm.  Poker players all around the world are going to fall in love with RealDeal.

Here is a screen shot of Gene and I testing the software months ago.  (Real Deal has come a long way since then)

First beta testing of Real Deal Poker
Beta testing of the all new Real Deal Poker between Gene Gioia and Tom Dwyer

RealDealPoker is Due to open for business in the spring of 2010. backed up by authority source? may be the only place you will be able to play a game of REAL poker online, Even the people at Wikipedia seem to agree!

Here is a small excerpt from a Wikipedia page which is about random number generators. (Bold and italicizing added)

“Online poker sites, such as PokerStars, have said they use a random number generator as their software gaming method, but individual statistics gathered from hundreds of multiple players and tens of thousands of played hands show that the outcome of games are nowhere near the statistical occurrences that happen when using standard playing cards in live games. Therefore, the “randomness” has been called in to question by many players over recent years. Just as the music system that appears to be random yet may have ways to control the selection of music, the random number generator used in online software poker games may also be able to control the outcome of cards which will appear thereby benefiting, almost “choosing”, the winner and loser of each game.”

Seems to me if your looking to actually play poker you need to find a new online site wherever your playing right now and that site is nearly here in the form of Go see the wikipedia entry for yourself.

Wikipedia: Random number generation

Here’s whats different at

  • uses real cards for each game played.
  • DOES NOT employ random number generators (RNG’s) in any of its games.
  • has fully audited data on any hand if you decide to request it.
  • was envisioned and created by a man called Gene Gioia who had cottoned on to the type of thing mentioned in the Wikipedia article on random number generation so that we could all get a fair game of poker instead of getting ripped off by rogue online gaming sites. Gene is himself a lover of the game of poker and wants to keep the game pure. Thats why was born

Who is your money with? I know where mine is going! If your staying at your current site and not signing up for when it goes live later this month, here’s another Wikipedia article you might be interested in: Wikipedia: Online bingo

Poker players can sign up here at this page or with the download buttons on the right.

Bingo players. . . you know where the link is.