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Real Deal Poker Download will soon be posting all the info required for all affiliates who want to start the sign up process with The latest info from Gene Gioia about the Real Deal download information is that the program will be up and ready for action in about a week or so, give or take a few days.  These are exciting times for all players worldwide!

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Real deal poker is proud to be one of the first sites presenting the Real Deal Poker Download

After waiting for what seems forever the Real Deal Poker download is almost here!

Personally I have been waiting for over a year for Real Deal Poker to go live and I can tell you now I’m psyched about it just as you, and the whole online poker community worldwide should be!

As soon as our contacts’ at Real Deal poker give me the go ahead I’ll have the download details up for all you guys who are subscribed. I’ll email you, you come and get it. Dont hang around waiting to hear it on the grapevine people! There are going to be some great sign up offers and will direct you to them ASAP.

If your not yet signed up here do it now so you can get a hold of these early bird offers. I suggest you sign up by your preferred method (RSS feed or if you prefer, E-Mail) on the right side there, I wouldn’t want to miss out on what Real Deal Poker have up they’re sleeves to start getting people downloading their client and playing on the site. All I do know is that this opportunity will only arise one time, don’t miss out!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope your there with me on doors open!


As soon as Real Deal contacts us about the Real Deal Poker client download we’ll let you be the first to know via whichever method you choose, RSS or if you prefer, E-Mail.