Reserve table name at use promo code ‘STORM’

Use promo code ‘STORM’ to reserve your table name today

You want some info? We got some for you! We have arranged for our readers to be able to preregister their table names with the promo code STORM at RealDealPoker.

We have it on good authority that the site will be open very soon for business so why wait? Get your name registered safely so nobody else can get it before you! We know that the client will be up and running first so this will be an ideal opportunity for you to have a play around with the Real Deal Poker download client and see exactly what all the fuss has been about and get used to the controls ready for the big day. The registration promo code STORM and the link here to RealDealPoker can be used to register your name for both and players.

Feel free to tell your buddys about the code STORM, I’m betting they’ll thank you for it!

See you at the tables in the next couple of weeks!

Chris & Tom.

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